Vinyl Lettering


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VINYL Lettering

Although technology and processes available to produce signage has progressed massively in the last couple of decades, vinyl graphics are still a very effective and robust method of producing lettering, graphics and logos.

From simple single-colour lettering through to full colour and cut out vinyl prints, we have invested heavily in the latest UV and infrared vinyl printing and cutting equipment to enable us to offer a vast range of vinyl lettering and graphics solutions for each project.

The team at Solar Graphics understands how important it is to have signage that accurately reflects your brand image. Our project managers and design team will work closely with you to ensure that we create a finished piece that will not only serve as a functional graphic, but further enhance the area and create a focal point of your new investment.

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Our vinyl lettering and graphics can be used in an almost infinite number of of applications, from displaying wall art, advertising, inspiring wall quotes, safety notices and even building tenant sign directories.

Shown on this page are a small selection of previous installations by Solar Graphics which we hope will serve as inspiration for your next project.