Social Distancing Signs

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many businesses had to adjust their daily operations to keep in line with government regulations. As such, social distancing was implemented in all workplaces.

To help make distancing clearer for employees and customers, companies placed helpful signs around their premises to mark a safe distance and encourage better hygiene practices. At Solar Graphics, we’re proud to have delivered literally thousands of signs to help people to return to work safely.

solar graphics social distancing signs1

Although the COVID pandemic for some will feel like a distant memory, we still offer social-distancing signage for many of our clients’ buildings to continue encouraging safe and hygienic practices and keep everyone healthy. Our bespoke and off the shelf designs will make it clear to visitors where they should be standing in order to maintain a safe distance along with additional safety messages.

Our team will deliver a personalised service to all clients and keep them updated regularly on our progress. All items can be simply delivered or installed by one of our fitting crews.