"grab the attention of potential customers"

MACKINTOSH projecting sign
Projection Toilets
MULBERRY projecting sign

ProjectiNG Signs

Projecting signs offer the perfect solution to business owners who are looking to quickly grab the attention of potential customers and further enhance the visual appearance of your brand or aid wayfinding for any visitors.

We at Solar Graphics have the skills and capabilities that are required to produce a wide range of high-quality projection signs for all of our clients from a large range of material and finishes.


At Solar Graphics, our staff deliver a personalised service to all projects by working closely to ensure the end product meets your requirements for now and the future. Our team will take you through a personalised and clear design process and provide scaled artworks.

With our projecting signs, we make sure that the design implemented is optimised for maximum exposure.


ROYAL EXCHANGE projecting sign

Projecting signs have been in use for many years, and would predominantly be found on the outside of commercial properties. However, projecting signs are a perfect solution to alert people inside your building as to where certain facilities are, as well as directing people towards emergency exits.

Regardless of what you need your projection sign for, you can depend on our team to adhere to your design needs and produce a durable sign that is suitable for your property.