Outdoor Signs


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Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are literally everywhere and play a significant part in offering information on services and wayfinding details. Correctly designed and placed outdoor signs will make you stand out from the crowd and serve their purpose for many years.

Solar Graphics have a large selection of high-quality options available for outdoor signs. We can help your business to gain attention quickly with a stunning outdoor sign that is tailored to your needs.

Many options are available from basic panel & posts through to large scale LED illuminated monoliths.

At Solar Graphics, we offer bespoke services for property owners that are looking to invest in high-quality outdoor signs. We can design and manufacture a sign of any shape or size to help you convey important information to your customers.

All outdoor signage is produced in-house using the latest techniques to ensure your investment is durable, which will ensure longevity. Shown here are a small selection of some of the many outdoor signs we have produced to offer some inspiration for your future project.

Outdoor Sign

From simple safety notices through to large scale corporate monoliths, all outdoor signs serve a very important purpose from alerting us to potential dangers through to further enhancing your brand image and offering vital wayfinding information. Whether you own a coffee shop, car dealership or manage numerous large office properties, an outdoor sign will make people aware of your company.

Our project managers and design team can guide you through the large number of options available and provide scaled artworks prior to manufacture to help you visualise your new investment.