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Any large expanse of glass can be a danger with potential that people will not notice it. ‘The Building Regulations 2000’ require that glass is made apparent. Failure to do this could result in costly court action if an accident did occur. On a much more positive note, glass expanses hold many marketing and design opportunities.

Whilst building regulations do dictate where and when manifestation should appear, there are no set requirements as to how it should appear.

With a manifestation or frosting graphic, you can improve the aesthetic of your office, commercial or private property interior. This type of graphic takes advantage of the glass surfaces that you already have available and with a wide range of films available it is possible to be creative with your finished installation.


Along with the many advertising and graphic possibilities, manifestations and frosting are ideal if you need to make areas of your building more private. Frosting will ensure that anyone from the outside cannot see in which makes it ideal for meeting and conference rooms whilst still remaining decoratively pleasing. Similarly, the frosting technique can be used to create unique graphics that add an air of professionalism to your workplace and further enhance your brand image.

We take advantage of the latest frosting installation techniques to make sure that our customers make a lasting investment in a suitable graphic for their property.