Hoarding Panels

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Hoarding Panels

If you are overseeing the development of a housing complex, new shopping centre, or apartment building, you’ll want to make people aware of the upcoming properties. However, you’ll also want to ensure the safety of the general public and ensure that adverts don’t interfere with everyday work.

At Solar Graphics, we can provide a solution that covers all angles in the form of hoarding panels. These panels offer advertising space and help to bolster security, making them perfect for project managers overseeing building developments. Below, you can learn more about our many hoarding panel options.

Hoarding panels are sure to be a familiar site to many people, as these advertising panels are a common feature of building sites. If you’re a construction company owner that is looking to showcase the work that your team carries out, hoarding panels will provide you with the space needed to advertise.

With hoarding panels, you can surround your worksite with the name of your company, contact details, and crucial information concerning the project that you and your team are carrying out.


Another major benefit offered by hoarding panels is that they help to maintain safety during construction projects. A hoarding panel will make a perimeter around your worksite, making it clear to passers-by that this is an area that is restricted. You can prevent unauthorised people from entering onto your worksite while advertising your services at the same time.

Our staff can produce bespoke hoarding panels that are easy to assemble, attention-grabbing by design, and highly durable.